Wellness Care

Lakeside Veterinary Care offers wellness care services for your pets. Learn more below.

Lakeside Vet Care - pet wellness services

Wellness Care

Dogs and cats have a much faster metabolic rate than we do, which is why they age so quickly. Because of this, it is imperative that they see their veterinarian for a pet wellness exam in Cypress, TX, at least once a year. Seeing your pet annually makes it easier for us to help you keep them healthy. Also, we love seeing and caring for your companion year after year!

During your 30-minute appointment, we can perform a thorough dog and cat wellness exam to make sure your pet is in peak condition. Most important, we want to know if there is anything you’ve observed in your pet at home that needs to be discussed. This is the prime moment for finding and diagnosing underlying issues that have the potential to become more serious.


How exams can prevent or stop the onset of disease.

Like us, dogs and cats can develop health conditions due to exposure, poor nutrition, a genetic defect, or some other factor. Regardless, when we see your pet for their first exam, we can get a baseline on their health which we can use as a point of reference for future checkups. If their heart rate, respiratory rate, or some other part of their body is functioning abnormally, we can investigate and see if your pet needs treatment for an underlying problem. Our goal is to treat and alleviate this problem as soon as possible.

What’s Included

In addition to the physical exam, we recommend these services to round out their care:

  • Vaccinations (both core and lifestyle-based)
  • Blood and fecal testing to screen your pet for parasites and other issues
  • If you have a puppy or kitten that tests positive for intestinal parasites, they will need to receive deworming treatment
  • The administration/dispensation of flea and tick preventative
  • A discussion about your pet’s current nutrition needs
  • As much time as you need for us to address any questions you have about your pet—we value your time, and no one knows your pet better than you do
Lakeside Vet Care - pet wellness